AJJ Live

A selection of photographs and a video taken during the last three shows of the 2014 AJJ UK + European tour.

• Sean Bonnette @ Banquet Records, Kingston, UK, 22 October 2014 •

IMG 2671bw wm

IMG 2674bw wm

IMG 2679bw wm

Video shot from my knee of Sean performing Personal Space Invader. Click the cog in the bottom right to change the quality to 1080p!

• Andrew Jackson Jihad @ The Fighting Cocks, Kingston, UK, 22 October 2014 •

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IMG 2740 wm

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• Andrew Jackson Jihad @ The Dome, London, UK, 22 October 2014 •

Featuring members from Caves for the ‘Big Bird’ finale.

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bigbird wm IMG 2981 wm

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